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Specializing in Aesthetic Restoration and Cosmetic Maintenance of Industrial Machinery
Our Quality & Value Keeps Us On Top!

Machinery Dealers: We can help your company sell machinery faster and for a better price, by giving potential customers more confidence in the reliability of the equipment.

Machine Shop Owners: The appearance of your shop and equipment can create more confidence in your potential parts clients. Let us help you improve your client base with a "Machinery Makeover"!

Using our Machinery Makeover process, will make the dirtiest, greasiest machinery look like new.  Our special formula cleaning and sanding power, cleans off the many coats of grease and grime allowing the true value of your machinery to shine through.  We will paint your machinery with high quality industrial paint, revive the lettering and perform other finishing touches to give it a complete esthetic makeover. It will look brand new!! When we are done, there will be no indication that the machinery was ever dirty.  Your work area is left neat and clean. 

Machinery Makeover has the experience to tackle your most challenging project. We complete our projects on time and at a price that you can afford, The benefits you will receive from this process will reduce machinery holding time and increase profits.

Whether you have machinery to sell or parts to make and sell, when your customers see your facilities and machinery they will have confidence that they are buying the best.

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"Machinery Makeover provides my company with high quality, dependable service at affordable prices!! The work Machinery Makeover does for my company helps move my equipment faster and increases my profits!"
--Brian Bridgeman, Rygate Industrial

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